Business Interruption Insurance

Barrenjoey Insurance Brokers recognises that cash flow is important to every business because without it, a business simply can not function. Not only does cash flow pay the owners of the business and their assets, a continued flow of cash enables the business to meet customer needs, keep payroll flowing to staff, and pay interest on any loans and debts.

Furthermore when assessing the value of a business a common method is looking at future cash flow, or goodwill of the company. Although this value is intangible, unlike the tangible assets of a company like building and equipment, it is an increasingly important component of the valuation of a company. Loss of cash flow is loss of company value. 



Why barrenjoey insurance brokers choose
Interruption Underwriting Agency(IUA) 
the cash flow specialist...

  • IUA's claims process gets your clients back on their feet faster. Claims action starts immediately with no time deductible. And we pay weekly where practical, helping to keep cash-flow issues to a minimum.
  • IUA's offering is more transparent. With IUA your clients are less out-of pocket. They know what they’ll receive —with no deductions, offsets, averaging for under-insurance or many of the other penalties typically associated with business interruption insurance. In practice this means real advantages, such as no deductions from final payout for overhead savings (i.e. rent is not being paid due to burnt down premises).
  • IUA's innovative use of lumped extensions (such as assistance with relocation costs) are not constrained in their application as they can be with other policies.
  • In conjunction with Barrenjoey's claims manager IUA's offer a high-touch claims service utilising specialised independent loss adjusters, to greatly reducing the risk of client dissatisfaction.
  • IUA offer a stand-alone policy with a simple turnover rating classification by industry. This makes the premium calculations simpler.
  • A variable indemnity period means clients pay only for the cover they need.