Marine Cargo / Transit Insurance

Importing, Exporting or moving goods within transit always comes with risk as it is in the hands of others to ensure your product arrives at its destination unharmed.

Marine Cargo/Transit Insurance provides protection against loss or damage to goods and livestock in transit by most modes of transport including road, rail, sea & air. A wide range of covers are available to suit the circumstances and requirements of cargo owners and others within the transport chain i.e carriers

With barrenjoey Insurance Brokers you are protected, we provide comprehensive Marine Cargo/Transit insurance for all types of freight from the moment it is collect until the point that it is delivered at its final destination. Whether it be a single shipment or regular ongoing commercial freight we can arrange cover specific to your requirements both in Australia and abroad.

So before your next shipment consider the financial impact of your product sinking to the bottom of the ocean or stock damaged in transit following an accident on the road and think twice before taking the risk not to insure your Cargo.

Cargo ship on fire