Public & Products Liability Insurance

Whatever the industry, whatever the risk, Public & Products Liability insurance is a necessity for every business.

Public & Products Liability insurance is protection against the course of action taken by a third party claiming compensation for either property damage or personal injury as a result of one's negligence and when proven Liable. Whenever a person operates a business they have the potential to injure third parties or damage other peoples property making Liability insurance imperative. 

To operate without liability is a disaster waiting to happen. Just imagine going about your daily business to have someone slip in your shop on a wet floor breaking their neck resulting in paraplegia or burning down a house whilst rewiring the electric's, the compensation would be enough to send any business bankrupt guessed it, you have the right Liability cover!

Due to the complex nature of Public & Products Liability cover dealing direct with an insurer is a risk in itself, at the end of the day an insurer will insure what they are given and it is your obligation to provide any and all information that is to be insured. At barrenjoey Insurance Brokers we ask the questions, we research your business and we insure your every activity covering your every move.

Your expertise is your business you shouldn't be expected to understand Liability insurance so let us utilises our's and provide you with Public & Product Liability advice that will having your sleep tension free at night.

                                 Not insuring against Liability is a risk,
                                           "It wont happen to me"
                                          Is not a risk worth taking.