Shiprepairers Liability Insurance

Based in Avalon for the past 25 years barrenjoey Insurance Brokers is minutes away from one of Sydney's most popular aquatic destinations 'Pittwater' the home of hundreds of boats and water craft alike that participate in a range of marine activities each day.

With a day on the water in such high demand so to is the increased need for quality Marine repairers and qualified tradesman with a certain skill set to build, maintain and service vessels be they commercial or private.

    Barrenjoey Insurance Brokers recognises the obvious differences faced by marine repairers opposed to land based tradesman and ultimately the heightened risks when working on water. Unlike your standard Public Liability policy Shiprepairers Liability Insurance (SRL) offers specific cover for marine workers and the unique risks specific to the aquatic environment.

    Features and benefits of a SRL insurance policy include cover for;

    • Personal Injury
    • Property Damage
    • Product Liability Cover
    • Defence Costs & Supplementary Payments
    • Removal of Wreckage
    • Damage whilst towing
    • Claims preparation costs
    • Hotworks

    SRL Insurance isn't only for the marine repairer, the cover will accept most aquatic trade services including marine mechanics, detailers, painters,  riggers among many others and in most cases cover can be obtained to protect you whilst working predominately on water but also on land.

    At barrnejoey Insurance Brokers our location to Pittwater, The Hawkesbury River & Australian Coastline requires our staff to thoroughly understand the processes of the marine world and we pride ourselves on providing expert insurance advice for professionals making a living on the water.

    Don't sink yourself and leave your liability in the hands of a metropolitan insurer who rarely sets eyes on the water, contact barrenjoey Insurance Brokers and receive advice on Shiprepairers Liability Insurance today.